Notes to families ....

There are bound to be errors in dates, places, relationships and goodness knows what else. Please be kind and let me know where I have slipped up. I may or may not change things. I am a Dickens!

You will see, if you are looking, that the Menu is better sequenced than before; making the site easier to work through. It's a wallop of a project; never thought I could do it and won't think so until it is completed. So many heart attacks when pages don't load or the power fails or ...or....or. But I'm still here, hanging in for dear life.  Have to finish this before I go .....:-)

There is still much to be done  ...

I could have made a more attractive site since I have traversed the boundary of the bannerhead above but, in this instance, I think the Menu on the right is the best design for this site.  Practicality above aesthetics, that's me.

Oh yes.... there are names without dates or even places; good reasons for these 'errors' as you may know:-) e.g. identity theft etc.

I will be starting on the Crumplin/Shanahan history one of these days, months or years!

You will see that the Dickens family is one big 'warring' family which may explain some things, if you catch my drift :-) but nonetheless a family with a very proud military history.

 Hope you find it all as fascinating as I do. 




to the

Family History

of the



Dickens -Thomsett


Crumplin - Shanahan




 Parkin Families



..and mouth it not as the town crier (Hamlet)



We had a little family tree

It's bark was black with age

So many folk have sat beneath

its leaves at every stage;

Babies in their cradles

have swung and watched the skies

And other folk like Aunty Meg

just sat there telling lies.








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